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Planning Fees

The Dynamics of Three Tiered 

Estate Planning


Tier One: Primary Estate Planning

       The primary plan begins with the transfer of financial assets after death, avoidance of Probate, saving on estate taxes and passing on all assets quickly. As an example a married couple with adult children who will not need supervision.


            The primary plan includes a revocable living trust spelling out the names of your selected successor trustees, guardians and your heirs.  Your trust will state instructions on who gets what and when according to your wishes.  Your assets are transferred to your trust not only for final distribution after death but also for managing any incapacity that may occur through the trust or by powers of attorney.


Fees starting from $1500 


Tier Two: Secondary Family Planning

            For those who want to ensure not only those aspects of the primary plan but also want inheritance protection against divorce, creditors or special needs protection for assets that their beneficiaries will receive. This person may have a child who is receiving government aid and does not want to jeopardize those benefits. Also, if you have a child who may be getting a divorce or has creditor issues.


The Secondary Plan includes all of the primary planning in addition to lifetime asset protection for your surviving spouse and beneficiaries. Your beneficiaries with special needs will have carefully crafted provisions to ensure that they will continue to have access to needed services.


Fees starting from: $2,000


Tier Three: Heritage Planning


            For those that want to maximize the financial legacy they are leaving to grandchildren, community and beyond.


Heritage planning includes all of the first two phases of planning and continues with planning for charities or creating your own foundation for your heirs to operate into the future. Additionally, the use of Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, Corporations, Irrevocable Life Insurance trust and Individual Retirement Trust may also be appropriate in some cases.


Fees starting from $7,500

* Fee Ranges are only estimates. The actual fee is based on the complexity and special legal issues presented during consultation. The full fee is quoted at the end of your initial consultation.